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The companies of the group, Ultivista Oy, Pohjois-Karjalan Arvopaperi Oy and Westpro cc Oy, are focused on owning, developing and building real estates. Our aim is to be a competent and trustworthy real estate development partner who pays attention to environmental values.

We have had the strongest growth in real estate investments as the owners and developers of real estates for shopping centres, hotels and restaurants and commercial vehicle sale and service enterprises. The users of these premises have found our solutions providing additional value to their businesses.

We are also in the future interested in working in cooperation with chain companies by producing and offering them fitting premises from different regions.

Ultivista Oy and Pohjois-Karjalan Arvopaperi Oy

Ultivista Oy and Pohjois-Karjalan Arvopaperi Oy are private and independent real estate investment companies functioning nationally with a small and effective organization. They create best practices for the industry and act as a responsible environment developer through innovative and customer criteria oriented solutions and effective real estate maintenance.

The companies serve their customers by building and renting offices and commercial and production premises in the whole country. The rentable gross area of Ultivista Group is approx. 165,000 m², and it consists of different office, store, hotel, storage and logistic facilities and commercial vehicle service and sale facilities. The real estate portfolio of Ultivista Oy and Pohjois-Karjalan Arvopaperi Oy is worth approx. € 180 million.

Real estate development

We serve our customers in real estate development projects, from planning to implementation.

Westpro cc Oy

Westpro cc Oy was established in 1999. The company has, since its start, focused its special skills on high-quality and individualized residential and business buildings.

The high quality standards start from selecting the real estate and planners, and continue all the way through the project to the last technical assemblies. The staff of Westpro cc Oy has extensive experience in building valuable apartments and fulfilling individual desires.

However, quality goes beyond the buildings; the whole service concept from modification work negotiations to repairs under warranty is customer service oriented.

The company operating mainly in Helsinki and Espoo has around 30 employees and the turnover in 2015 was approx. € 46 million.